Corporate ID
Web design

What was the goal when creating the visual identity for the newco Auloc?
Firstly, defining the main values ​​and providing them with an iconography and their own visual universe to building up a unique and differentiated brand identity.
Secondly, creating the brand identity that allows Auloc to distinguish its value proposition from that of its competitors, this being a benchmark of maximum quality and professionalism in the construction and tool sector.

Brand values

We define the values ​​that will give the brand its own personality and help us define the visual world and the language with which we will address our users.

Next, we create a visual element that, in the simplest possible way, communicates the sector or the specialization of the brand.

Typefaces and colors

The sans serif Akzidenz typeface provides the brand a timeless, professional and solvent character. It is one of the most important of the rationalist graphism of the Swiss school of the mid-twentieth century and its geometric, balanced and timeless features are perfect to represent the values ​​of this new identity. There prevails cold, technical, industrial colors along with satin and metal finishes. However, we find the balance with warmer tones.

Art and photography direction

The use of a cold tone photography reflect in detail the materials of our products: metals, woods, etc. And these products being used by people will help us to humanize the brand and create an image of professionalism and guarantee.

Immersion in the digital model

The company is aware of the complexity involved in launching an e-commerce of this magnitude, where more than 50,000 references will have to be managed correctly in order to serve its customers. This large catalog of products forms a complex web architecture that must be perfectly organized and hierarchical.

Starting from a UX strategic approach has allowed us to know what the user motivations and expectations are and therefore to solve their needs accordingly to achieving the best performance.


To rank the information and define the e-commerce design patterns we develop a series of prototypes that help us analyze and test the different functionalities of our e-commerce. A sprint system, in coordination with the development team, allows us to iterate in search of the most appropriate solution on each screen and each section of the project.

Mobile First

According to the Harvard Business Review analysis, we mainly use mobile phones for 3 things: socializing, shopping and personal time. For this reason, our maximum in the UX / UI of this e-commerce is mobile first. In addition, our target is mainly the professional public son we need navigation on mobile devices to allow them to make inquiries and orders as easy as possible.

Intuitive and simple design

Given a wide range and diversity of products, the user wants to quickly find what they are looking for. And our goal is for the professional public to find the best ally in Auloc to meet their immediate and specialized demand.

To do this, generating an excellent user experience is crucial. The more intuitive and easily navigable, the easier it will be for you to choose the product and, therefore, the more satisfactory the shopping experience will be. For this, we use similar design and interaction patterns on many pages, always adapted to mobile devices.

All this helps the user better assimilate the information and have a friendlier navigation. In addition we reinforce the help to the user in different points of the web through different tools (whatsapp, inclusion of banners that offer help, email and contact phones etc) Also, the inclusion of testimonials from other customers reinforces trust in our users and promotes the purchase.