Bâme & Coeur


The client relies on Creatique’s expertise to venture in the cosmetics sector with their own brand, looking to create a personal, different concept. Our aim: to deliver a solid creative concept to give the brand an identity of its own. By means of a differential design and strategy on perceived value and prices, we offer an impulse-buying product in online and offline distribution for the massive market.

Research and brand strategy

We analysed the increase in consumption of cosmetic products in Spain and observed that those preferred by consumers were skincare and personal care, with preference for those products with more added value in comparison with other European customers.

We have data on the average spending in cosmetics, the estimated number of customers, and the average billing in the sector, as well as the types of product and frequency of use. We studied the competitors’ behaviour, advertisements, and their products. Also, we analysed the target, mainly millennials and alpha women, to understand their insights and actual needs.

Brand concept

Defining the brand values is the point of departure. These are: balance, wellbeing, quality. To express these concepts we use the term “Mindfulness”, which we nowadays know as a tool to improve our life.
In summary, the brand offers a simple, unpretentious product whose benefits far exceed the purchasing costs.

Naming and identity

We come to the definition of the naming and the elements in its visual identity, in order to create a brand experience that is unique and relevant. Our philosophy of “let the time stop…” is the reaction to the times we live in, where nothing slows down, where we get the impression that we no longer have quality time for reflexion, self-conscience, and care for ourselves or the ones around us. It is thus how we minted a name coming from the wish to connect body, heart and soul. Bame&coeur crystalizes this thoughts and gives the customer the chance to value those moments to enjoy balance and wellbeing. Caring and loving one’s self. Feeling special. Finding beauty in day-to-day life. Enjoying all the small things.

Brand collection

We created the brand’s universe and conceptualised the products from the launch collection, which consists of eight fragancies, five for women and three for men. Eight eau de parfum in 100ml and in traveler’s format of 20ml, 8 relaxing shower gels and 8 caring body lotions, all in 250ml.

A basic, honest, straight forward collection to give ourselves daily wellness moments.