Bonnet à Pompon

Brand guidelines

In collaboration with the interior design team Code Studio, we are taking part in the brand expansion project for Bonnet a Pompon, at both national and international level. From their flagship in Madrid, we are teamworking towards the development of a sustainable, scalable, worldwide-exportable project, in which the spirit of the brand will endure following our branding & retail guidelines.

This brandbook contains every aspect related to the brand such as the architecture, positioning, values, history, guidelines, corporate identity, art direction and photography, distribution in the different typologies of commercial spaces as well as brand & product application in each one of them.

Brandbook for franchisées

The joint venture together with a team specialised in retail, will give us a 360-degree vision of the brand needs in the point of sale, which we will transfer to a handbook for our future franchisées to comply with the guidelines established by the brand. Thus, both the essence of the Bonnet à Pompon brand and the customer experience at the shop are recorded in this key document.