Miller & Marc


Miller & Marc is a brand that challenges the status quo of the world of optics. With its revolutionary commitment, it manages to democratize the purchase of artisanal products designed in Spain and manufactured in Italy at affordable prices. It appeals to a rational and tangible benefit such as the competitive advantage of the sale price that responds to a very clear consumer insight: Why is such a necessary product so expensive? Who takes the money? Why the glasses at a good price are of such poor quality?


M&M is willing to continue investing in growth and expansion. The goal is to open a new point of sale at a strategic point in Barcelona. Thus, it will be necessary to make noise and succeed in the event presentation amongst the local audience, in a place that combines the online and local public with the foreign public that begins to get familiar with the brand.


1. Impact and generate awareness – brand awareness enters the Barcelona market (both local and tourist).
2. Generate interest and traffic to the point of sale – working the right means and creating key alliances
3. Get the support of influential figures to guarantee the M&M experience and conquer the heart of early adopters to become our brand ambassadors.
4. Align this action with the communication strategy in Miller & Mac’s own media so that its followers echo the news.

Warning up and announcement

In M&M’s own media, we created the communication content for the opening of the new store in Barcelona on D-Day. And in the customer shipping packs, we took the opportunity to include advertising on it.