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Ubiko is the brand of prefabricated houses created by the company Viraje Arquitectura in 2011 with the aim of offering its customers a system of homes built with industrialized elements, customized for each client and location. Ubiko trusts Creatique as a creative partner to address the stage of growth and expansion they are going through.

Analyzing, investigating and defining the bases of their positioning has been fundamental to define your new strategy. This has several goals such as determining the pillars of its new positioning, taking into account the evolution of the sector and its target market.

The new corporate identity is designed based on the minimum construction unit: the concrete wall. This acts as a seal of quality and guarantee.

The communication of a brand is vital to explain what it is dedicated to, how it develops its work and what is its differential value. Designing and working in detail all communication platforms has been a crucial task throughout the process.

The team is going through a period of a very stimulating growth. That’s why they needed a totally personalized website for its next phase. When addressing its objectives, one of the greatest challenges has been to ensure that the aspirations of the brand and the expectations of its customers are perfectly aligned.