Corporate Identity
Web design

Makkila, a reference in the Madrid gastronomic scene, comissions Creatique to face the new positioning of the brand.

Makkila’s philosophy is based on offering an honest and homemade cuisine. A formula that combines with a current and modern environment. Each of the Makkila restaurants have their own personality and all of them stand out for their cozy and eclectic atmosphere. Plus, one can have breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and drinks at any of them.

The brand

Our challenge was to convey the new brand positioning. The company has matured and has managed to sneak into the daily and social agenda of clients and friends. So we aim to reflect it in a visual identity that clearly expresses, on the one hand, the usual homemade character and, on the other, the fresh and casual attitude that all its dishes have. Makkila is not just a restaurant, it is a philosophy and a way of life. It is a way of understanding gastronomy.

The versatility of the menu and the interior design of its restaurants must be reflected not only in the new identity but also in communication and corporate pieces.

Corporate typefaces and colors

The typography that we create manually, ad-hoc for the brand, manages to reflect the idea of ​​a lifelong bar. The color palette full of eclectic colors, on the other hand, reinforces Makkila’s most casual personality.

After the positive trajectory of the restaurants, the managers decide to bet on a new line of business that links their savoir faire in the kitchen and the online channel with the aim of Makkila entering the clients’ house. Hence Makkila Foods, an online home-based food store.

Our challenge

On the one hand, we must raise awareness of the change involved for the company and the whole team in opening a new sales channel. This means facing a new business model, a new way of attracting and interacting with the customer to meet their needs, and also, new tools to perform stock management and product logistics.

In addition, we must ensure that, little by little, users understand the value proposition of Makkila Foods and find in it a suitable solution for their daily needs. Therefore, it will be key that the products we can offer them are easy, intuitive to search, through a friendly navigation that allows them to make their purchase successfully.

The solution

We use different tools to know and define our buyer persona. On the other hand, we conduct workshops with the founding partners to know their objectives and define the project all together. In addition, we work the customer journey, one of the most powerful tools within the methodology, to meet the expectations and doubts of our users in a way that helps us define the hierarchy of our content.

First of all, we shy away from an aseptic and indeterminate e-commerce. To provide a « homemade » look&feel that accompanies the brand identity we rely on photography and illustrations whose art direction seeks to find a look & feel very home made.

The straightforward purchase process allows the user to register once and save their data so that the following purchases are made very quickly.

The tone of the messages is direct and close because we want the users to feel that they can ask for help if they are lost. An always visible contact button is displayed on all the the web sections as well as a phone to have WhatsApp communication.