Be Cooltural

Web Design / UX

Cooltural Plans is a firm that organises meetings with culture and trends personalities, along with a touch of gastronomy, in unique spaces in Madrid. It has overturned the culture into an attractive and accessible experience. Creatique has been its strategic partner for the new brand positioning, identity restyling and the creation of their new website and other corporate layouts.

Research and brand strategy

Identifying target consumers and knowing their needs and expectations allow us to improve the firm’s business plan. Cooltural Plans users are already familiar with the cultural meetings. That is why in this new stage we aim to strengthen the B2B side of business, focussing on entrepreneurs and cultural management and establishing the communication codes for the new target consumers.

New brand identity

Our work on research and strategy involves a change in naming, so we moved onto the creation of the new brand “Be Cooltural”, keeping “Cooltural Plans” only for the B2B business. We have also decided to restyle their identity because their teenage-, out-of-date looking logo no longer represents the new goals of the brand. The new image must show continuity but with a more serious, formal look.

Web design – our value proposal

The client asks us to restyle their website to address several shortages in its contents, design and usability. In Creatique, we look for balance between clients’ and firm’s expectations, to design an effective yet memorable experience with their new site. To do that, we defined objectives that would turn first into action and then into solution-design.

Web architecture and solution-design

We ranked all the information to offer a content setup that is adequate to the different profiles and their needs. Before the final design, we focus on the wireframes to define the key sections and screens, developing navigation flows adapted to the actual needs. Afterwards, we work on the layout in order to respond to all actions defined in our value proposal.

Goal: better accessibility. Action: we designed a responsive website, so users can access to the contents easily from any device.

Goal: offering a better content differentiation. Action: we remark all the Be Cooltural services in every page of the website, with simple explanations and details on the firm’s new approach.

Goal: increasing the average session duration per user and decreasing the page’s bounce time. Action: we designed the website with consistency in the architecture and the navigation model. To do that, we use similar interaction patterns in most sections, so the user feels comfortable, along with the potentiation of the already accessible high-quality images, which resulted in a visually powerful website.

Goal: Obtaining leads. Action: we set a link for a newsletter subscription.

Goal: Avoiding a loss of visits to our section Cultural Plans. Action: we placed a call to action to the gallery with all the plans. Both functions are available in all sections of the website.

Goal: Increasing monetisation. Action: we created a “cooltural card” for the user to purchase several cultural plans for a better price.