Web Design

Digitaslbi Agency, specialised in marketing and technology, relies on Creatique’s valuable support in design and creativity for their new project. The challenge? To give a new style and updated content to TorresolEnergy’s website, in order to give value to its business strengths. Our client stands out in design and innovation among solar energy plants and it’s also the global leader in the industry which makes us very enthusiastic about this challenge.

UX, research

Together with the Development Team, we work in establishing the wireframes that will allow us to understand how we will structure the new content in their digital platform. Our main goal: to create similar interaction patterns so the user can experience a familiar setting in all sections and finds easily what is looking for. Another important goal is the optimisation of the site for mobile devices, so in some cases we suggest an ad-hoc design instead of an adaptation to responsive format only.

Design-solutions layout

The graphic layout is coherently in line with the current brand. We introduce new typographies and complementary colours that give a more cutting-edge look and feel. We summarise the content and take advantage of corporate photography to visually structure the different sections, aiming to build a dynamic, user-friendly website.

Another goal is to increase the duration of visits to our website. Technical details are often boring and the customer ends up leaving the site. To avoid that, we present the technical information using icons and infographics. As for a more complex data explanations, we resort to audiovisuals.

10th anniversary identity

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the company, TorresolEnergy has entrusted us with the design of their brand logo. Our challenge: to take advantage of the formality in numbers to represent the solar energy and the company’s continuous growth.